Thanksgiving for two

Because of conflicting schedules with family this year, Thanksgiving day ended up being just Chris and me. We debated about what we wanted to do that day since it was just the two of us. We tossed around the idea of doing our annual tamale-making fest that day rather than around Christmastime. We discussed going out to dinner or just having pizza and watching a bunch of movies. Ultimately we decided that we really wanted to have a Thanksgiving meal, a slightly toned down Thanksgiving feast, but one that still kept us in the kitchen for a good part of the day.

On Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, we shopped for the food. We filled our grocery cart and waited our turn in line to check out. We loaded the conveyor belt at the checkout counter with piles of food and watched the total go up as each item was rung through. It was one of the largest shopping trips we have had in a while. As soon as the last item was rung up, the checkout lady said, “Where’s the turkey?” I said, “No turkey for us, we’re vegetarians.” She quickly replied, “Then what do you eat?”  I kind of laughed and pointed to the many bags of food and told her, “All of that.” It took her a minute to make the connection and then she smiled.

That wasn’t the first time I was asked where the turkey was when I went shopping for Thanksgiving. Despite popular belief, most of what people eat at Thanksgiving are vegetables, fruits, breads and desserts. Everything that Chris and I enjoyed for Thanksgiving we still eat and enjoy now, minus the turkey. So we enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner for two that consisted of, Vegetarian Wellington, mashed potatoes, squash, peas, kale, gravy, herbed rolls and banana cream pie.

We started the day off with breakfast sandwiches on homemade whole wheat English muffins followed by a long hike and then back in the kitchen for more cooking. It was a great Thanksgiving.

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  1. Rose Lynch at #

    I love your blog and the pictures….they are beautiful and the recipes are great. I thought you might want to know, though, that this sentence is incorrect. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not an English teacher or anything else, but this one thing really bugs me and most people use it wrong.

    Thanksgiving day ended up being just Chris and I.

    This should be “Chris and me” because it is in the objective case…being the object of the preposition “being”.

    • Anne at #

      Overlooked by both of us. Thanks for catching it!

  2. kathleen at #

    love that china! sounds like it was a great day. im sorry i didnt get around to calling you to wish you both a happy thanksgiving. i hope you know you were both on my mind and we missed not being able to see you.

    please tell me you will post the veggie wellington recipe! also, i have some butternut squash puree that i dont know what to do with. any suggestions?

    • Anne at #

      I was planning on posting the recipe for the Wellington and the veggie gravy this week so check for it later. As for the squash how about butternut squash enchiladas.

      • kathleen at #

        hot damn. right on! thanks!

  3. catherinestreet at #

    Love your photos! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving – sounded perfect and peaceful. Have you ever seen the SNL (Saturday nite live) raucous comedy skit on family Thanksgiving dinner (with Adele’s song) – your evening looks the opposite.

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